Some of the most popular phobias are a fear of heights, a dread of clowns, a fear of tight places, and a fear of having to unclog a toilet without a plunger. It never fails to occur at the worst possible time, be it at your in-laws’ house, in the middle of a business meeting, on a holiday, on a date.

No one should have to experience the terror of rising water without a way to stop it. Since a plunger isn’t always handy, we’ve outlined below the most effective strategies for doing so.


In this case, it’s crucial to draw a clear line between the two. Use hot water to dissolve the clog and flush it away. Cracks in the ceramic of a toilet bowl are a bigger hassle to fix, and they can be caused by boiling water.

Get as big a bucket as you can hold and fill it with water that is almost boiling but not quite. The blockage will be flushed out and removed by the water’s flow and heat.


Dish soap’s main function is to dissolve whatever fat or food waste it comes into touch with. That’s why it works almost as well as bleach in dissolving waste in the toilet. Dish soap can help unclog a toilet if you have the patience to let it rest for a while.

Squirt at least a cup of dish soap into the basin and let it there for at least half an hour. Then, you can tell if the soap is doing its job by observing whether or not the water level in the bowl has begun to drop. If the water level is decreasing, it is safe to attempt a flush.


While not everyone will always have Epsom salt on hand, it might be useful if you ever find yourself in a bind. The fizzing chemical reaction it produces when put into a bowl may be used to clean and unblock drains. Please wait fifteen minutes before attempting to flush again.


This is a last resort and should be used as such. Keep your hold on the handle as you insert the brush into the drain and begin a back-and-forth motion with your arm. Be forceful, but not so vigorous that you damage the toilet. It’s nasty, therefore it’s best to wear old clothes or gloves just in case you get splashed.

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