Nearly 28% of homeowners experience at least one plumbing problem that requires repairs every year. So if you own a home, it likely has a plumbing system, and if you have a plumbing system, it’ll need repairs at some point.

What are the most common plumbing problems that homeowners experience? Clogs and leaks rank near the top. When you experience these issues, you’ll know right away. Or will you? 

Homeowners might have plumbing leaks for months or even years before they ever notice them. The downside to undetected leaks is they can cause water damage. 

If you’re a homeowner, you might want to watch for signs that indicate a plumbing leak. You’ll need to know the signs to do this, though. Here are seven signs to watch for that might indicate a plumbing leak in your home.

1. Your Water Pump Runs When You Aren’t Using Water

How do I know if my pipes are leaking? This question is a good one to ask if you own a home. It’s easy to spot some signs but more difficult to spot others. 

One indication you might not think about is a running water pump. For example, if you’re sitting on the couch watching TV and hear your water pump kick on, you might wonder why this happened if no one is using water.

A water pump shouldn’t run unless someone uses a plumbing fixture in your home. If you hear it running when it shouldn’t be, you might have a water leak. 

If water is leaking from a freshwater pipe, the water pump will kick on to keep up with the demand. 

2. You See Water Spots on Your Walls

As you learn how to find plumbing leaks, you might already know about this one. Water spots on your walls or ceilings might indicate a leaky pipe, as you shouldn’t see water spots on these parts of your home. 

For example, if you notice water spots or wet spots on your walls, you can look above it if you have a two-story home to see if you see water dripping. If not, the water might be leaking from a pipe within your walls. 

Plumbers use plumbing leak detection services to find hidden leaks. Once they find them, they’ll fix the problems to stop the water from leaking into your house.

3. You Find Puddling Water Under Sinks or By Fixtures

The next sign to look for is puddling water under your sinks and fixtures. Again, this is a common sign of water leaks that most homeowners know. 

Water puddles under or near your plumbing fixtures are one of the most direct indications of leaks. You may want to examine all your fixtures regularly to spot leaks right away.

As you inspect your fixtures, look at your appliances, too, including your water heater. Water heaters are known for leaks, and you’ll need a plumber in Manassas, VA, to fix yours if it leaks. 

4. You Hear Your Toilet Running When It Shouldn’t Be

Your toilets might show signs of leaks, too. The main thing to look for is a running toilet. If your toilet runs long after someone flushes it, there is a problem.

A toilet should stop running once it fills up after you flush it. Leaks are a common reason that toilets continue to run afterward. If your toilet leaks, water will run out of it, causing it to fill up again. 

A plumber can help you understand how to fix plumbing leaks and why it’s vital to address them immediately. 

5. Your Water Bills Are Higher Than Normal

While you might only receive a water bill once a month, viewing it closely can help you determine if you have leaky pipes.

For example, if your water bills suddenly increase in price, you should consider why this happened. One cause is a leak.  

If you have a city water system, you pay for the water you use. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your bills. Your water usage probably doesn’t drastically change each month, so your bills shouldn’t change much either.

When they do, it means you’re using more water, and leaks can cause this to occur. If you’re worried about a leak due to your rising water bills, you can start looking for the best plumber in your area to hire. 

6. There’s a Decrease in Water Pressure

There’s a good chance that you might not know that a decrease in water pressure can also indicate a water leak. Why is this, you might wonder?

You can experience water pressure decreases for numerous reasons. When you have a leak in a freshwater pipe, the water that should get to the faucet doesn’t all get there. Instead, some of it leaks out along the way.

As a result, your faucets provide less water when you need it, thus causing the decrease in water pressure. You might notice a reduction in one fixture or many when this occurs. 

7. Your Grass Is Really Green in One Spot

The last sign to consider involves a sewer line leak. Your home’s main sewer line exits the house and travels to the sewer system. Leaks can occur in this pipe too. 

When leaks happen, it causes wastewater to end up in the yard. Hence, the green spot of grass that suddenly appears out of nowhere. 

If you see a green patch like this in your yard, it’s a sure sign of a problem. You should locate and contact a reputable plumber right away to find and fix the leak. 

Some Plumbing Leaks Are Noticeable While Others Aren’t

Your plumbing system is vital for your home, but it can cause costly problems to your house when it has issues. If you learn the signs of plumbing leaks, you’ll likely catch them faster. 

Do you suspect you have a plumbing leak in your home? If you live in the Manassas area, contact us. We offer residential plumbing services, and we can help you diagnose and fix any problem you might encounter. 

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