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Water Treatment System

We understand the importance of having safe and reliable water to drink in your home. Even though local water facilities do their best to provide quality drinking water, you need to account for the harmful contaminants that enter your water between the facility and your faucet. With our water treatment system, you can eliminate chemicals and contaminants, ensuring your water is soft and safe to drink.

Leak Detection

Not all water leaks are apparent or observable to the average homeowner. Unfortunately, hidden leaks can cause the most damage because they weaken the structure of your home and lead to the development of mold. Oftentimes, leaks aren’t noticed until it’s too late, and severe damage has occurred in the home.
That’s where we come in. Our team will utilize the latest leak detection technology to identify any leaks in the home and find their sources so repairs can be made before more damage is done.

Drain Cleaning and Repair

Are your drains slowing down or continuously getting backed up? Drain cleaning products aren’t effective for all types of clogs, so you may need to contact a plumber to sort out the issue. We will perform a drain cleaning and check for anything that needs to be repaired so we can get your drains working properly again.

Bathroom Repair Services

Unfortunately, bathroom plumbing problems are all too common. Luckily, our team is standing by to provide services when you need them. Here are some of the repair services we offer for bathrooms:
  • Clogged Toilet Repair
  • Toilet Leaks
  • Toilet Upgrades
  • Shower Repairs
  • Bathroom Sink Clogs
  • Bathroom Sink Leaks

Shower and Tub Installation

Are you building a new home and looking for reliable installation services? Need to upgrade your tub and shower? We’re here to replace or install a shower and tub that’ll last you for decades to come.

Water Heater Installation

If your water heater isn’t performing the way it used to, it might be time for a water heater replacement. We’ll come take a look to see if we can repair the water heater, or determine if it’s time for a new one. Then, we will remove the old water heater and install the replacement.

Gas Line Repairs and Installation

If you have a gas leak, make sure you evacuate your home right away and call 911 so they can get the gas shutoff right away. Once you’re safe, give us a call to repair your gas line or to install a new one. We can also extend a gas line so you can connect a new grill, stove, or dryer.

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing requires advanced expertise and a broad range of tools, and the team at Plumbing Pros DMV checks both of those boxes. We utilize industrial-grade products and technology to provide commercial properties with the best plumbing possible.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Have you been hit with a plumbing disaster? We know that a lot of issues with plumbing require an emergency plumber in Manassas, VA. If you have an issue that is putting your home, personal property, or family’s well-being and comfort at risk, you need our emergency plumbing repair services. Contact us right away so we can get an expert to your property.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Attention to Detail

When you work with Plumbing Pros DMV, you can rest assured that you’re working with a team that prioritizes attention to detail. Whether we’re making repairs or installations, we always to the most thorough job.

Honesty and Integrity

We’ll always be honest with our customers about what repairs are necessary and how much they cost. We’re straight-shooters who only want the best for each and every one of our customers. We’re the most trustworthy plumbers in Manassas, hands down.

Careful Planning and Execution of Services

We don’t rush into a project haphazardly. We take the time to carefully plan a course of action so we can successfully implement and execute our services. We know plumbing problems can be complicated and that’s why it’s essential to consider all factors before committing to a repair service.

Industry-Leading Tools and Materials

We never use cheap materials that will break down and disintegrate in a few months. We want your home operating properly for years to come, and that requires industry-leading tools and materials.

What Makes Us Different?

You need Manassas, VA plumbers that have seen it all, and you can only get that with decades of experience. Our team has over 30 years of experience which means there isn’t a plumbing problem we haven’t encountered or fixed. We’re up to the task, no matter how complicated it may be.

Locally-Owned and Operated

It’s easy to call up the closest chain plumbing business for their services, but you’ll end up over-paying for a worse service. When you work with a locally-owned and operated plumbing repair company, you’ll get the best price and most advanced and dedicated services every time.

Upfront Pricing

There’s nothing worse than getting quoted by a plumbing company only to end up with a bill that’s three times the original amount. That’s dishonest and predatory behavior, and we will never do that to our customers. That’s why we offer upfront, flat-rate pricing. All you need to do is give us a call so we can come out and take a look at the problem. Once we determine the services you need, we’ll give you the exact price you’ll pay. No surprises here!

Licensed and Insured

Each one of our Manassas plumbers is licensed and insured in the state of Virginia. That means you’ll be getting the best service and protection so you’ll never feel uneasy while we service your home.

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Residential Services

Anyone that owns a home understands that plumbing issues can never be foreseen. Which is why you...

Drain Cleaning & Repairs

All of your drains lead to your home’s sewer system, so it is imperative that you take care of the issue before a major issue occurs.

Commercial Services

No job is too large for Santhoff Plumbing. Commercial properties need professional plumbers just like residential properties...

Water Treatment System

Everyone needs safe, reliable drinking water. Local water treatment facilities do a good job of providing an adequate water source

Emergency Services

Have a plumbing emergency? Call us for quick-response plumbing expertise and emergency plumbing repairs.

Bathroom Repair Services

The most common issue with the toilet is a stubborn clog that causes the water to overflow, creating a terrible mess in your bathroom.

Free estimates in Manassas are provided for work that would be more involved than a service call.

Clogged drains, frozen pipes,
leaking washers, sewage backups, etc.

Toilets | Plumbing Pros DMV in Gaithersburg, MD


Drain cleaning, drain care, septic system care, septic field rejuvenation, tank inspection, high-tech sewer jetting, pipe sanitizing...
Faucets | Plumbing Pros DMV in Gaithersburg, MD

New Installation

Leaks repair, faucet installation, toilet repair, toilet replacement, faucet leaks, shutoff valves, kitchens, drain repairs...
Sewer | Plumbing Pros DMV in Gaithersburg, MD


Camera inspection, leaks detection, slow drains, maintenance plans, complete plumbing checkup, plumbing diagnosis, installations...

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